About Maree Deeley

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist Glasgow & Edinburgh

Your source for life therapies

It is a winning formula when one therapist encompasses clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and life coaching techniques, to work with you towards achieving your goals. I have been in the profession for 25 years and have clients across the UK and Worldwide. I've appeared nationally on TV and radio and have an outstanding portfolio covering many different mind areas, life areas, one to one work, courses, group work and companies also.

Not just paper qualifications, but life experience

I am a fully qualified psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and life coach with full memberships of all governing bodies/associations, but I believe it is not just about the qualifications & diplomas etc I hold, but the experiences in my own life that indeed allows me to deliver the results you seek, desire & deserve.

Get the ball rolling on the path to a new, more confident and happy you,

Hypnotherapist & Psychologist Glasgow

Maree Deeley is a clinical hypnotherapist in Glasgow. Although based in Perth, Maree offers her services in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Falkirk Stirling and all over the UK. Maree has clients all over the world who come to her for psychotherapy & life Coaching, past life regression & healing, couples therapy, counselling, business & personal life coaching, behavioural therapy and also works with children from age 5 upwards.

I can help you with:

Conceptual image of a fat and skinny women


Traditional or gastric band hypnosis

Emotional young woman eating salad instead of sandwich in kitchen. Healthy diet


Emotional eating

Girl running in the park with red top and black bottoms


Motivation, Exercise & Meditation

Nutrition for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system with fresh raw salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids, tomatoes, turmeric, root ginger, stick cinnamon and garlic on a wooden table


Dietary coaching & food advice

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Do you need a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist & psychotherapist in Edinburgh or Glasgow?

Contact Maree Deeley for clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, life coaching, past life regression, couples therapy, counselling or behavioural therapy.

Time to move forward with your life

Life coaching is another valuable string to my bow when it comes to helping you overcome personal obstacles and to achieving your life goals to your fulfilment and success. I will coach you along the right path to fulfilment.

Dispelling myths of hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis is not like what you see being performed by illusionists, you will not be asleep, lose awareness or under my "control" or "powers".