Clinical Hypnotherapy Aberdeen & Dundee

Fully Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist Aberdeen & Dundee

Boost your confidence, self-esteem and overall well being

Finding yourself feeling down and low in confidence? Using hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, I can help you to address your problems and address what is causing them. I run one-to-one sessions and courses specifically designed and developed for small to medium groups, including one to ones and groups of G.P.’s.

Take your life into your own hands today

Book your one to one consultation and session. Perhaps also you may wish to sign up for a specifically designed course, for individuals, couples, companies & small to medium groups. Maree offers a great mix of psychotherapy, she is a very experienced psychotherapist in Aberdeen of 27 years standing, hypnotherapist and healer too.

Hypnotherapy is gentle but powerful. At no time will you be 'out of control' you will be genuinely impressed with the results achieved. De-stress, relax, become assertive, confident, dynamic, achieve your goals, connect with your inner child and much more.

Using psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can help:

Weight loss fail concept. Scale and depressed, frustrated and sad woman sitting on floor holding head and arms on knees.

Manage Your Weight

Mans hand breaking a cigarette

Stop Smoking

silhouette of successful man on the top of mountain. Concept of sport motivation inspiration

Gain Motivation

Torn pieces of paper with the word "Panic Attack". Concept Image. Close-up.

Panic Attacks

Addictive tendencies? Let me help

Whether you are trying to quit smoking, manage your weight or even trying to cut down on chocolate, give up alcohol, drugs, listen to the inner you and realise that the time to stop is now. Using a powerful mix of therapies, I can help you to break your cycle of addiction.

Meridian therapies and more

Meridian therapy is an ancient and powerful practice that is gentle and therapeutic and helps to aid with coming to terms with fears, phobias and self-limits. Please take a look at the range of courses on offer and feel free to call me to find out any more information.

Do you need a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist in Aberdeen or Dundee?

Contact Maree Deeley for clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, life coaching, past life regression, couples therapy, counselling or behavioural therapy.