Client Letters/Comments

Wonderful letters and comments

If you feel like you have had a positive experience, I am always grateful for your comments and letters. If you haven't experienced any of my therapies yet, please read through the wonderful words people have said about my work and get in touch to begin your journey.


'Attempting to do justice, in a few words, to somebody who is so supremely wonderful and special in every single way is going to be a challenge, but I'll try!

I'm lucky enough to have been working with Maree both virtually and in person over these last few months, The effect she has had has been beyond transformative., ever since the very first consultation. After having had more than my fair share of mediocre experiences with mediocre therapists, I was starting to give up hope that I'd ever been able to free myself of all that was holding me back from living an authentic and spiritually aligned life. Right from day one Maree worked her unique magic and began to release these fears and negative beliefs. Sessions with Maree have utterly changed and continue to change my life in ways I never thought possible and my mind is absolutely blown away every time. Maree is so much more than a therapist., she is a truly wonderful and love filled beautiful soul who is gifted in ways that ALL other practitioners could only ever aspire to be. This is a rare and special connection I will always cherish and be grateful for, in so many ways. Please don't waste your energy, time or money on anyone else!

I also want to recommend Maree's amazing weekend courses. I can't remember a time in my life when I felt so joyful, happy, light, free, safe, and looked after. The food is fantastic and second to none! I'm looking forward to when the time comes for another course, for sure!'


'Feeling down, dark, depressed, pills not working. Simply go and see this woman, Maree. You and your therapy is utterly the best. You have healed me on so many levels.'


'I spent all of my life being afraid of one thing or another. Since having therapy from you Maree, I am afraid of nothing, and you cured my fear of flying too, in Australia now!'


'You said weight is all in the mind, the thin me was there too, you were right, how magic you and your therapy are.'


'I have really enjoyed the course today. I have found it to be very enlightening and relaxing. We have had some good laughs also. The course content was very good and highlighted many points for me to work on in the future. The meditations/relaxations were all so lovely and I felt myself deeply relaxed and so comfortable. Lovely lunch. Really enjoyed the whole day, it went too fast! Thanks Maree.'


'What a wonderful day! Little did we know at step one just how far the journey would take us. I really enjoyed being stretched mentally, made to feel/experience things normally kept firmly at the back of my mind. The day's exercises won't stop there - I'll willingly do some homework. There is a lot more exploring to do! Thank you Maree. I feel much lighter already. The lunch was great. The breaks were good too and needed. Roll on the next course! Thank you again.'