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Spiritual awakenings and connecting with your past life

Using a combination of methods, I can help you to achieve inner peace, re-balance emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually. Guide you on your past life journey & connect you to your spirit guide. Soothe and calm mind body heart and soul.

Age regression and inner child therapy, is also a specialist area.

Let's explore your past life & enhance your present life too

Maree Deeley Life Therapies is a practice covering a wide area, but most certainly, Aberdeen, Dundee, Falkirk, Stirling, Edinburgh & Glasgow and well beyond.

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Meditation, not just for followers of Buddhism

Taste the flavour and touch the heart of Buddhism, meditation and mantras. This is aimed at simply giving you easy to learn methods, well-honed to tempt you to reach for Nirvana yourself.

Discover your past life in regression therapy

Gently and calmly, connect with your past to find answers and understand problems that you are currently experiencing. Discover your true-life purpose and understand the karmic course of your fears, worries, stress, anxieties, depression and physical conditions.

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Angels, journeys & more

I offer a whole range of therapies and courses to suit different needs for all clients. To find out more information or to discuss what is going on in your life, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Do you need a regression therapist in Falkirk or Stirling?

Contact Maree Deeley for clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, life coaching, past life regression, couples therapy, counselling or behavioural therapy.